The much awaited political drama Kodi has seen limelight with good buzz helmed by Kaakki Sattai fame Durai Senthil kumar whose erstwhile flicks had Sivakarthikeyan in lead role and for the first time, filmmaker had teamed up with Dhanush which made fantastic curiosity since from the nascent stage of this project. Trisha has done a menacing role and Anupama was seen in innocent avatar which marks her maiden outing for the actress in tamil cinema.

Anbu who is a demure guy turns into a rugged and intelligent politicians to find the baddie who killed his elder brother (Kodi) and whether the villain is been punished or not is the fulcrum of this movie.

From the title card, film progresses in a light hearted manner packed with enthralling act of dual characters of Dhanush who essayed two contrasting roles which keeps the audience glued to their seats. Towards the interval, plot moves to serious mode with intriguing sequences which sets the stage for the second half. Anupama’s cute performance brings euphoria to the audiences.

Since from the interval, film gets gripping with tussle between dhanush and trisha. The energetic background score of Santhosh Narayanan enhances the plot at most of the significant portions. The new look and quirky avatar of Trisha played a vital role for this political venture and her cruel act enhances this project. How the betrayal causes havoc in relationship is been presented with neat narration in the climax.

The most experienced artists like Saranya, Karunas, SA Chandrasekar, Maarimuthu have portrayed a solid characters who adds acceleration to the plot. The entire Supporting cast have suited well to this village drama. Dhanush’s screen presence is the driving force for this film whose intellectual performance garners applause. The Negative things are the predictable sequences in some portions, few dull moments in the later part of First half.

Filmmaker should have provided much scope for Kaali venkat, he was seen in less sequences with less meaty role which is to be refrained. Anupama have essayed a cute act but her portions had less scope in the second half.

Verdict – Watchable Suspense venture where the simpleplot has been narrated in subtle manner.



Kodi - Movie Review
3.0Overall Score

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