Audiences have become tired of watching horror comedy plot because plethora of movies with these template has been released this year. Also theses films follow a usual style of commercial injection which gives a dreary mood to the viewers but recent Outing MO is somewhat unusual which has no revenge tale and only one song. Suresh turns hero by this movie, the female lead is played by Aishwarya Rajesh. Debutant Bhuvan has helmed this film and talented Santhosh Dhayanidhi has scored music for the film. Full crum of this outing as follows.

A group of friends inside a haunted school is been threatened by a horrifying ghost. How the friends helm this situation is the fulcrum of the movie.

The witty elements are seen in whole first half, the lifestyle of a job-less youngsters and their quirky works are the engaging factors. The ghost prank sequences are narrated in comical style where MunishKanth ‘s act was highlighting. The group of friends sojourn to haunted house in interval which sets the stage for the further proceedings.

The euphoria tone is injected in the initial stages of second half which turns more intriguing towards the end by the introduction of real ghost. The background score is noteworthy which induces horror mood to the story, the flashback block of ghost is short but it doesn’t have revenge usual formula which is new to the viewers. Even the serious ghost turns comical in the climax portions and ends in happy note.

The RJ turned actor Suresh have essayed a decent show and he was supported well by the rest of the cast. The small cameo of Yogi Babu and hilarious comedies of MunishKaanth are the highlighting factors. Kudos to Aishwarya for portraying full justice to the ghost character.

The positives are the subtle comedies and later part of the second half were intense also the horror sequences were neat. Needs trimming in the first half to make even more grippness also the main plot takes more time to establish which must be avoided.

Verdict- A decent family entertainer packed with entertaining factors.


Mo - Movie Review
3.0Overall Score

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